Best Mini Cooper Deals & Lease Specials

Right now, qualified buyers can find MAJOR cash-back deals and super-low financing offers on the popular new Mini Cooper. If you don't want to buy the Mini Cooper outright, check out some of these attractive lease deals from your local dealerships. If you’ve been looking for the perfect vehicle to suit your needs for the finer things in life, these new deals on the best Mini Cooper models can make your dream a reality.

Reasons Why You Should Own a Mini Cooper

We gathered five reasons why everyone and their mother should own a MINI at least once in their lifetime, but if you believe we left other reasons out, please feel to let us know.

1. Design

While the MINI design has evolved over the years, it still retains the same overall theme and shapes, and it often pays tribute to the original Mini. A MINI is a work of art, a living thing, a cool little vehicle that looks fitting in urban surroundings and just the same in the powerful Alpine scenery. Even now when there are dozens of different small car designs out there, a MINI always gets noticed and draws attention around it. It’s one of those cars that you recognize from a mile away.

2. Performance and agility

It’s small, it packs a capable engine, and its more powerful MINI Cooper S versions can cross swords with the best of cars on the track. While straightline speed was never the primary focus for MINI, the go-kart dynamics and nimbleness are what sets it apart.

Simply put: this is one of the best front-wheel driving machines.

3. Space

Many first time owners assume that a MINI lacks cabin and storage space, but as we proved before, you can fit quite a few people in a MINI. Even for tall people, a MINI offers plentiful of space. It doesn’t have too much boot space, but it’s enough for most use cases and a couple of medium size bags.

4. Racing Heritage

A MINI is almost that unicorn type of a vehicle, especially considering its battles with more powerful, more known and a lot more impressive vehicles in the Monte Carlo Rally held back in the 50s and 60s. It battled cars like the Porsche 911 and Alfa Romeo Giulietta with ease.

5. Pricing

While the new MINI generation is far from affordable in many cases, used MINIs depreciate fast, so picking up a pre-owned model makes a lot of financial sense.

Owning a used MINI Cooper is not an expensive experience. The current, modern generation, all BMW-designed and powered MINIs provide a safe bet in terms of reliability, parts pricing and ownership cost. They provide good fuel economy (quite important for younger people) and cool looks.